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If your looking for a Trumpia Coupon Code you have Found It

Trumpia LogoTrumpia has nailed it for me! The realm of SMS Marketing can be scary if you don’t know whom to trust, but within this Trumpia Review you will see that it is a prefect time to go with the proven company with a limited time Trumpia Promo Code.

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I already knew that Trumpia was the leading web-based, multi-channel platform. I just wanted to make sure that they were the right company to help me launch into my next phase of our SMS marketing strategy.

Trumpia Review Promo Code Offer

The use of text message marketing is now an essential part of any marketing plan.  There are just too many advantages for small business owners to pass up on the opportunity to market directly to their customers in real time.

Not only are you marketing to your customers in real time, your marketing to them where ever they are.  Mobile Marketing is a Must for any business that wants to stay ahead of the game and take advantage of the biggest marketing revolution ever!

Trumpia Provides SMS Marketing Services to a Host of Companies

The comprehensive list of successful companies that have had successes with their own mobile marketing plan with Trumpia had me feeling that I was definitely barking up the correct tree when it came to my own marketing plan.

The list of clients that Trumpia had success with includes, but not limited to, ReMax, ESPN, Papa John’s, Honda, State Farm, and even McDonald’s. The list of clients with successes goes on and on and can be easily found at along with opportunity to take advantage of the Trumpia Promo Code.

Trumpia Features

Trumpia Bulk SMS Marketing

The bulk SMS marketing that Trumpia has to offer is fantastic! My potential customers are reached instantly, wherever they are. The mobile campaign was highly effective as well; with 95% of my text messages were being opened. Trumpia’s concise messages are read fully and offer lasting message so my company is not easily forgotten into the fray.

Not only do I have the successes of these text messages that I can see in my business, but Trumpia has easy to follow measurables that can be shared with me that give the bulk text messaging campaign tangible results. With a small fish in a big pond that I am in, good ROI is a necessity in the realm of mobile text marketing.

Trumpia not only helped me with my text blasts to customers, but they have a lot of other awesome features that won’t be found without breaking the bank and having my ROI suffer. You could add the Mobile Coupons, which really help those slow Tuesdays.

Trumpia is for BusinessThe Loyalty Programs keep my regulars feeling important to help maintain my stability. Other exciting add-ons will be the mobile voting so I can keep my customer base truly engaged in my business on a day-to-day basis. The details of these add-ons go on and on, but once again I urge you to look at Trumpia and see how these really great options can work for your marketing campaign.

Trumpia has really helped me stick out with surging Big Box Stores popping up locally. If you are ready to take the next step with your marketing mix and dive into SMS text marketing then you are ready to have Trumpia help you. I am really glad I did this move and my business couldn’t be more robust because of it.

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Kei Shimada December 23, 2012 at 4:18 am

Trumpia looks like a good sms provider to offer my mobile coupons. Sms goes direct to the lead, so now my business website should get more customers.