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Best SMS Marketing CompaniesText message marketing has become one of the fastest growing forms of mobile advertising in the world and out text marketing reviews are in!    You are trying to find the best text message marketing companies that are a fit for you and your small business, right?

We understand how overwhelming that can be.   There are so many mobile marketing agencies and the text marketing reviews all appear just a like!   Rest assured that we can help you!

The best mobile marketing companies are Tatango and Trumpia

Tatango and Trumpia are loyal and stand behind their customers 100%.   With these text message marketing companies, you’ll constantly have fantastic customer support agents standing behind you helping you get through the tough times and to ensure that you develop a mobile marketing plan that is going to help you business succeed. Continue Reading

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Mobile Coupons for Restaurants is a Growing Marketing Trend that Works

Mobile Coupon Marketing for RestaurantsText message marketing is one of the newest trends in restaurant marketing and it allows restaurants to text coupons to its customers bringing them back in and allowing them to retain new business on the regular without too much extra work.

Restaurant text coupons are mobile coupons that allow your customers the luxury of receiving specials through text messaging and then allows them to take those coupons into the restaurant and use them without having to print them out. The time that mobile marketing saves your customers may be the difference in retaining new business and not. Continue Reading

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SMS Marketing Reseller Program to Start a SMS Marketing CompanyIt is easy to learn how to start an SMS marketing company – just work with Lime Cellular or Trumpia.  If you want to make money in the highly lucrative SMS text marketing industry you can either build your own sms marketing software or sign up with an existing text marketing company as a reseller or white label client.

Building your own mobile marketing software takes time and a lot of money.  Signing up as an SMS reseller or white label SMS reseller client is cost effective and fast.

What is an SMS Reseller or White Label SMS Program

Trumpia and Lime Cellular offer the best programs out of over 30 companies we have reviewed.  Continue Reading

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Restaurants are using QR Codes – Whats your QR Code Plan

QR Code Marketing for RestaurantsYou’ve seen these black and white symbols everywhere-television, signs, maybe even t-shirts. Now you can learn how to turn those funny little symbols into more customers. QR Codes-What Are They, Exactly?

QR codes are those black and white symbols with about three or four square boxes nestled within them. In the past several years, QR codes have been used in many successful niche marketing strategies. Some of the restaurants that have used QR codes in their sms marketing plans are Applebee’s, Chili’s and Outback Steakhouse.

A lot of information is contained within those tiny black and white squares. Continue Reading

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If your looking for a Trumpia Coupon Code you have Found It

Trumpia LogoTrumpia has nailed it for me! The realm of SMS Marketing can be scary if you don’t know whom to trust, but within this Trumpia Review you will see that it is a prefect time to go with the proven company with a limited time Trumpia Promo Code.

Trumpia Coupon Code Below

I already knew that Trumpia was the leading web-based, multi-channel platform. I just wanted to make sure that they were the right company to help me launch into my next phase of our SMS marketing strategy.

Trumpia Review Promo Code Offer

The use of text message marketing is now an essential part of any marketing plan.  Continue Reading

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