Smart Phones Fastest Growing Technology in History

by Michael Armstrong

Most of the six billion mobile phones in the world are not smartphones.  Over the next several years these non-smartphones will be replaced by smartphones. roughly 20% of the phones Mobile Marketing Growthin the world are smartphones.

The United States is on of the mature smartphone markets so most of the growth of smartphones will come from other markets like Brazil and China.

Here are some of the stats and facts about smartphones and the fastest growing technology in history.

  • Approximately 55% of the mobile phones in the United States are smartphones.
  • Singapore, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Australia have at least 79% smartphone penetration.
  • Brazil has less than 20% smartphone penetration.
  • China has only 33% smartphone penetration.

The growth of smartphones is staggering but what does this all mean for you?  Since we talk mostly on this blog about mobile marketing, obviously its the mobile phone marketing change that will have the most effect on businesses.

Do you have a mobile marketing strategy?  Are you considering starting a Text Message Marketing Campaign?  Is your website mobile phone optimized?

Smartphone Growth Infographic

Smart Phones Fast Growing in Histrory

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