Retailers Using QR Codes

by Michael Armstrong

QR Codes and Retailers

Retail Store QR CodesQR Codes are the new best friend to businesses everywhere including your retail business in Texas. Retail mobile marketing is the fastest way to bring in new business to your shop. Text message marketing for retail stores is the biggest form of advertisement that is out today.

Forget the newspaper ads, the commercials, and the 90 second radio slots; mobile websites, mobile coupons and mobile marketing are where the business is at! You are going to be able to reach more potential clients than ever before, and be able to bring back your old customers easier. Keep your retail store hopping with business and learn the mobile marketing strategy to help you do it.

Bulk SMS marketing for retailers is going to allow you to start a mailing list of customers, and then bulk text them mobile coupons to keep them coming back in. You’re going to be able to take a very slow day, and turn it busy in minutes.

Retail SMS QR Code Marketing Software

Imagine, you’re having a horribly slow Monday and you don’t use mobile marketing. How are you going to bring in more customers? Are you going to stand on the side of a busy highway waving a sign? Not anymore! Get your strategy started using mobile marketing for retailers, and advertise a VIP only sale.

You’re going to be able to make up specials and mobile coupons in seconds and bring in more people to your store. One day only sales bring in more business than any other sales you could have. People want to come in and get the specials that you’re offering. On a slow day, just send out some mobile coupons through bulk SMS marketing and watch the customers pour through your doors.

Retail SMS marketing keeps your name on the minds of all customers that you’ve ever reached. You are going to be able to reach every person that has ever been entered into your computer or your phone in seconds. You’re going to be able to send out your mobile website information in ONE text message, to every person that has ever shopped in your store!

QR codes are going to allow you to force a ton of information into one little code, and when it’s clicked on its going to direct your customers to your website or to your sale information! QR codes are easy to access and use through smart phones. Your customers can click on the QR code from their smart phone and be directed to absolutely any information you want them to view. You are able to personalize the information you send out like never before!

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Do you feel excited yet? You should! You’re about to turn your retail business around and start seeing profit on your books instead of losses. You owe it to yourself and your retail business to take this next step. One of the best mobile marketing companies to help you get your new way of life started is Trumpia. They’re going to help you set up your strategy and get your retail SMS marketing plan moving in a positive direction.

It is risk free and all you will lose is the red ink pen you’re marking your books with presently. Stand up for your business, and keep your shop growing in this downed economy!

Mobile app development is going to allow you to be more accessible as well. If you have a mobile app that people can open and view your catalogs from, you’re going to grow your business even more. You can set up your mobile app with QR codes that will lead your customers to anything you want.

Display your sales dates, your specials, any events that you are hosting, and your mobile coupons all in one spot. Reach your masses faster, and grow your business through any other difficulties. You can access all of your information from your cell phone and you can allow your customers to do the same. Start today! You have nothing to lose.

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Texas Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity.  All retailers need to look into mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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