Restaurant QR Code Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

Restaurants are using QR Codes – Whats your QR Code Plan

QR Code Marketing for RestaurantsYou’ve seen these black and white symbols everywhere-television, signs, maybe even t-shirts. Now you can learn how to turn those funny little symbols into more customers. QR Codes-What Are They, Exactly?

QR codes are those black and white symbols with about three or four square boxes nestled within them. In the past several years, QR codes have been used in many successful niche marketing strategies. Some of the restaurants that have used QR codes in their sms marketing plans are Applebee’s, Chili’s and Outback Steakhouse.

A lot of information is contained within those tiny black and white squares. It may help to think of a QR code as a sort of hyperlink between potential customers and your restaurant. If a couple sees your QR code on an advertisement, they could scan it with a smartphone and see all that your restaurant has to offer.

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How to Scan QR Codes

While QR codes have been a ubiquitous presence in sms mobile marketing in the past few years, not everyone is a tech savvy young person. The former population could include you. If this is true, you might want to learn how to scan a QR code yourself before expecting other people to do so.

You take your smartphone’s camera and take a picture of the QR code. You can only do this if your mobile phone has a QR code reader application. Don’t worry. The majority of smartphones have this app. Once your smartphone scans the QR code, it can take you to such destinations as a bulk sms marketing message or even a fully operational mobile website. When potential customers scan your restaurant’s QR codes, you want the landing page to give off a great first impression so that people are tempted to walk through your doors and try your food.

Advertising Your QR Codes

When advertising QR codes, novelty is definitely key. Sure, you can put a QR code on an advertisement on a bus. However, that’s what everyone else is doing! Think outside the box when it comes to putting your restaurant’s QR code out there. Some unique places you can place a QR code include t-shirts, business cards, menus and even newspaper ads. The further away from the box you go, the better the results that could emanate from your restaurant’s niche marketing plan.

If you’re sold on using QR codes in your restaurant’s mobile sms marketing plan, you can consult one of the numerous text message marketing companies out there. Two great companies you can enlist for help with your sms marketing plan are Tatango and Trumpia.

They both have their own sms marketing software, which will allow you to send sms messages to your customers about everything from new specials on the menu to events happening at your restaurant.

The great thing about including QR codes as a part of your sms mobile marketing campaign is that it’s an easy, painless way for potential customers to find out about your restaurant. What’s easier than taking a picture of a bunch of black and white squares? It’s a simple process for customers as well as restaurateurs, who can include QR codes in their mobile marketing campaigns, often at a very reasonable price.

Check out the websites of Tatango, Trumpia or any of the other text message marketing companies to see what they can do to make your restaurant the talk of the town.


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