Real Estate Marketing Ideas – SMS, Apps, Mobile?

by Michael Armstrong

Does your Real Estate Marketing Plan include Mobile or SMS or Apps?

Marketing ideas for real estate agentsReal estate mobile marketing is the best way for realtors to keep in touch with potential buyers from anywhere at any time. Real estate brokers have been using mobile marketing more and more to stay up to date with their clients and to expand their ability to communicate with a wide range of people all at once.

Now, even property managers are using mobile marketing to get in touch with customers and clients to keep them up to date on promotions and events going on. Mobile marketing is the newest way to advertise and stay in touch with your client base, without spending too much time trying to reach them all individually!

What is a Real Esate Mobile Marketing Strategy

Real estate mobile marketing is growing past simple advertisements and promotions. It’s starting a new way of selling, informing, and advertising for its customer base.  Real Estate QR codes are a new trend for mobile marketing.

With QR codes you’re able to load thousands of pieces of information into one simple code and use it to advertise. QR codes can be read with a smart phone to direct you to a new website or to download a PDF, and many more things. If you have a sign up about an open house, you can use a QR code to direct your customers to more information online. The uses for these codes are limitless. They’re truly the next generation in marketing and advertising.

Marketing Training for Real Estate Free

There are a lot of mobile marketing companies that can help you choose exactly what type of mobile marketing is best for you and your business. It can be as simple as SMS mobile marketing, to the widely used email mobile marketing. Mobile phone marketing for realtors will help you to get your information out to the masses without using too much of your time.

Mobile phone marketing for realtors has become very popular because it allows so many people to be contacted all at once. You can find the best mobile marketing software to suit your needs and to allow you to reach the right people at the right time.

Mobile marketing services are vast. There are so many uses for mobile marketing that you can’t begin to grasp the possibilities until you’ve done your research.

Why do you Need a Real Estate Mobile Strategy?

Real estate mobile marketing is going to help you sell more homes and get more homes on the market. If you’re able to reach a lot of people without having to be face to face, or constantly sending out emails, you’ll save time. When you’re a real estate broker or and property manager you don’t have all of the additional time for advertising and meet and greets that maybe some other people have.

With mobile marketing software you don’t need the extra time, and you don’t need to go out on the street and try to draw in new clients, you can send out the promotions from your phone and you can reach the public with a simple text message.

Top Mobile Marketing Companies to Help you with your Real Estate Mobile Strategies

There’s no reason to not give this a try. You have nothing to lose. You will create more time for yourself and more ways to make money than you ever realized before. When you use mobile marketing services you are able to relax a little more while still feeling certain that you’re doing everything you can to bring in as many new clients as possible.

Real estate mobile marketing can be the best strategy you’ve ever built. If you use your mobile marketing strategy correctly, you can bring in a lot of new business, and save yourself a lot of time. Since time is money, you’ll be making yourself a lot of new money!

You need to step into the current times. You need to try real estate mobile marketing for your business so you can see how beneficial it can be.

Take the next step right now, and see for yourself how helpful it can be.


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