All you have to do these days is look around to see that people are getting more and more addicted to their mobile phones.  These new smartphones are like computerized toys that you carry in your pocket. Its way past being a novelty and now its a full fledged obsession.

Are you addicted to your Phone?

Games have been the number 1 cause of smartphone obsessions as you will see from the statistics, mobile games are on the top of the most used mobile app lists and have been for sometime.

Next in line are people checking weather on their mobile phones.  Continue Reading

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Mobile Coupons for Restaurants is a Growing Marketing Trend that Works

Mobile Coupon Marketing for RestaurantsText message marketing is one of the newest trends in restaurant marketing and it allows restaurants to text coupons to its customers bringing them back in and allowing them to retain new business on the regular without too much extra work.

Restaurant text coupons are mobile coupons that allow your customers the luxury of receiving specials through text messaging and then allows them to take those coupons into the restaurant and use them without having to print them out. The time that mobile marketing saves your customers may be the difference in retaining new business and not. Continue Reading

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SMS Marketing Reseller Program to Start a SMS Marketing CompanyIt is easy to learn how to start an SMS marketing company – just work with Lime Cellular or Trumpia.  If you want to make money in the highly lucrative SMS text marketing industry you can either build your own sms marketing software or sign up with an existing text marketing company as a reseller or white label client.

Building your own mobile marketing software takes time and a lot of money.  Signing up as an SMS reseller or white label SMS reseller client is cost effective and fast.

What is an SMS Reseller or White Label SMS Program

Trumpia and Lime Cellular offer the best programs out of over 30 companies we have reviewed.  Continue Reading

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Does your Real Estate Marketing Plan include Mobile or SMS or Apps?

Marketing ideas for real estate agentsReal estate mobile marketing is the best way for realtors to keep in touch with potential buyers from anywhere at any time. Real estate brokers have been using mobile marketing more and more to stay up to date with their clients and to expand their ability to communicate with a wide range of people all at once.

Now, even property managers are using mobile marketing to get in touch with customers and clients to keep them up to date on promotions and events going on. Mobile marketing is the newest way to advertise and stay in touch with your client base, without spending too much time trying to reach them all individually! Continue Reading

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Get your Mobile Marketing Plan in Gear with a Free Mobile Website

Free Mobile WebsiteMobile websites are a must!  Do you want to learn how to create a free mobile website?  With the vast number of consumers who use their cell phones for everything they do, mobile shopping has become a huge trend. If your small business does not have a mobile website, you’re losing a lot of money on potential clients.

With most homes requiring both adults to be working, it limits the time that moms have to go shopping for their kids and themselves. Life is business for everyone, and small business mobile websites make life a little bit easier on the busiest of people. Continue Reading

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