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Churches and Synagogues using Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites for ChurchesIf you handle communications for your church or synagogue, you need to understand why and how to make your website mobile friendly. You have probably seen the preponderance of mobile devices – smart phones and tablets in the hands of your flock before and after worship.

It’s not just teens tapping away to send texts anymore – it’s parents and even grandparents checking Facebook, Tweeting and doing mobile searches on their way out of services for a place to eat lunch and more. Some parishioners even use religious apps to quickly locate bible passages as opposed to having to search for them on line particularly when they do not have easy access to their religious books and CDs. Continue Reading

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Mobile Coupons for RestaurantsHave you noticed the growing trend in restaurant mobile coupons? Have you heard people talking about it more? Are you curious if mobile coupons could help your houston restaurant grow more business? We have the answer for you. It can!

You need to use restaurant mobile coupons since so many people are using coupons to choose where they eat dinner. Yes, we realize that you print coupons and that they are distributed to the general public on the regular; but that’s not enough anymore. A lot of busy parents don’t decide where they’re going for dinner until they’re on their way home from work, and do you know what they’re looking at to decide? Continue Reading

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