Mobile Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

by Michael Armstrong

Real Estate SMS MarketingTake your Real Estate Marketing to a New Level

Mobile marketing strategies for real estate agents are marketing strategies which use the growing popularity of mobile devices to reach people on the go in an engaging, interactive way. As mobile usage grows, it is becoming the best way to reach consumers, and the way they prefer to be reached.

Real estate agents have seen challenges in the last few years with the decline in the housing market, so new ways of reaching out to their clients and attracting potential home buyers have become especially important to their survival in the market. Mobile marketing offers real estate agents the opportunity to reach those potential home buyers in fast, engaging and cost-effective ways.

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Real Estate

Mobile strategies which attract more buyers and engage them more fully in the real estate business include such things such as SMS marketing, QR codes, a mobile-optimized website and social networking.

Each have the capability to stand on their own, but they also work together and complement each other when used together in an overall marketing strategy. For example, QR codes are a great way to link potential home buyers to videos and information about available properties, but when used with SMS marketing can help increase the numbers of cell phone contacts that you can use for bulk SMS texts, newsletters and promotions.

Real Estate SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS, or text message marketing is perhaps the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way to reach a lot of people at the same time. Many more people respond to text messages than respond to emails, and they are cheaper to send.

SMS messaging allows you to keep in touch with clients, both past and present, while attracting future clients as well. SMS messaging allows interested home buyers to text you about properties they see while driving around, allows you to contact your clients about new listings and open houses as they become available, and is much easier and less intrusive than having to make and receive phone calls.

SMS messaging is also a great strategy for better managing rental properties. For example, you can send out rent reminders and decrease the numbers of late payments.

Real Estate Agents and Mobile Websites

Real Estate QR CodesA mobile website is of extreme importance in today’s world. A mobile website that is easy to find through a Google search, simple to navigate, and thumb-friendly is a definite plus to your real estate business. Include a link to the website, or use a QR code on all your signage to help interested property buyers find your site.

Mobile websites for real estate agents should always include information about available listings and other pertinent information about how clients can reach you in a hurry. A click-to-call or click-to-text button is a convenience that clients appreciate having available on your mobile website.

Many smartphone users have social networking accounts right on their phones, so why not have a Facebook or Twitter page for your real estate business? It’s just one more easy way to keep clients up to date on real estate news and any other information you would like them to have.

Mobile marketing isn’t just for retail or other types of business. Real estate relies on good communication practices, so real estate agents can and should take advantage of mobile marketing to keep more up-to-date with their clients and improve communications with them.

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