Mobile Marketing Software for Small Business

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Mobile Marketing Software for Small Business

Small Businesses and Mobile Marketing Software

When your business is contemplating the integration of mobile marketing into their current marketing strategy, the most important thing to decide is the software that you will use.

Now, you might wonder how the marketing software could be more important than, say, your mobile marketing strategy itself. Well, the software is actually a key and integral aspect of your strategy. Your mobile marketing strategy will necessarily be shaped and affected by the software that you choose and the various options that it provides you with.

Still, there are multiple options out there and it can be daunting to attempt to figure out which is truly best. Read on to find out about the most common features offered by mobile marketing software and what they do so that you can enter the buying process as an informed consumer.

Mobile Marketing Software for Small Business – Text Messaging Features

One of the most powerful tools in a mobile marketing strategy is text message marketing. Here are some of the most common features offered in this area and what they do.

Bulk SMS Texts – with this feature you can send out a single text to all of the contacts on a list at once

SMS Polls and Contests – with this feature you can prompt and measure customer’s responses to questions.

SMS Keywords and Auto responders – with this feature, customers send keywords in a text and they automatically receive whatever information you associate with that keyword.

Two of the TOP text message marketing providers are Trumpia and Tatango.  If your looking for an SMS marketing software provider, these are the leaders in the market.

Mobile Marketing Software for Small Business – Mobile Websites

While it is always possible to design a mobile website from the ground up, some businesses may prefer to simply convert their existing site into a mobile-friendly version. With this option, all of the information you currently have on your website is retained and the layout and user interface are altered to improve user experience and interaction when browsing on mobile devices. Here are some features associated with this option:

Automatic Syncing – after the initial conversion, this feature ensures that your mobile website is updated every time that your traditional website is.

Device Recognition – with this feature, your site will be able to determine what type of device is attempting to access it and adjust accordingly. There is, after all, a big difference between an iPhone and an iPad, although both are technically mobile devices.

If your website runs on WordPress you can accomplish this with a plugin, one example being WP Touch.

Free Mobile Website

Mobile Marketing Software for Small Business – Mobile Apps

There are some companies out there like Magmito that let you build apps with a few simple tools, but generally it is advisable that you develop mobile apps from the ground up. If your budget is tight you can always outsource from sites like oDesk and Elance.

There are also online mobile app builders that you can use to build your own app even if you dont have any programming knowledge.

Build an App Online


Mobile Marketing in Texas is taking off in popularity.  All businesses should start to look into mobile marketing strategies like:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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Pam Didner December 23, 2012 at 1:09 am

Very informative post. I think i should try the SMS service providers myself. Also there are easy tools like App Inventor which allows you to create android apps without writing a single line of code. If your app from app inventor does not work out or you want more customized feel there always are mobile developers in elance or odesk.