Mobile Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agencies

by Michael Armstrong

Does your Real Estate Agency have a Mobile Strategy?

real estate marketing ideasEffective marketing ideas for real estate agencies that include mobile can help make the difference in a struggling economy. Make more contacts and keep more clients by engaging them wherever they are.

Why Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Today’s homebuyers are looking for the best deals they can get, and they are wanting as much information as they can get, as quickly and easily as they can get it. Mobile marketing takes your client communications to the next level by reaching them wherever they are, almost instantly, and right in the palm of their hand.

Mobile marketing ideas for real estate agencies include SMS messaging, QR codes, mobile websites and mobile apps. Social networking can play a role too. Realtor marketing strategies that include some of these methods are effective at reaching your clients, keeping them informed of important news, and giving them the information they want as they want it.

It also makes your job as a realtor much easier. Mobile marketing companies are a great resource when you decide you want to bring your real estate agency into the world of mobile. They are experts at all the forms mobile marketing can take, and can help you get started.

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SMS Text Marketing for Real Estate Agents

One place to start is with SMS messaging. It’s easy to do, cost-effective, and your clients’ number one means of communication. SMS messaging saves realtors a lot of time and money—two important commodities for everyone. Stay in touch with clients and allow them the freedom to contact you whenever they need, wherever you are, with the ease and convenience of SMS messaging.

Real Estate SMS Marketing Software

Mobile marketing software makes SMS messaging campaigns easier to handle. With features such as SMS polls and contests, SMS newsletters and SMS auto-responders, mobile marketing software gives you the control you want, along with the technical support you need. If all your agency can afford to do is start with SMS messaging, it’s still a good start, and mobile marketing software can take the difficulty and the guesswork out of it.

Real Estate QR Code Marketing

Mobile marketing plans that start with SMS messaging get a big boost from also using QR codes. QR codes help you gain the information you need, such as client cell numbers, in an easy, non-intrusive yet engaging way.

For example, if you put a QR code on your signage that links interested homebuyers to a mobile website with a virtual tour of the house they are sitting in front of, the buyer gets added information quickly, is given the opportunity to opt-in to receive further information from you, and you get their cell number in return. QR codes are inexpensive and a great return on your investment.

Mobile Marketing Companies that Can Help Real Esate Agencies

  • DudaMobile – Create a mobile website in minutes for Free
  • Tatango – SMS marketing platform for real estate agents

Reach more potential homebuyers, share more property information, and stay in contact with your clients through these and other mobile marketing solutions. Nothing else will add to your marketing arsenal quite like mobile will, and do it in a more communicative, cost-effective manner.


Get your real estate marketing plan in gear and Go Mobile with SMS marketing, Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps!

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