Mobile Coupons for Day Spas – What is Your Mobile Strategy

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Mobile Coupons for Day Spas   What is Your Mobile Strategy

Mobile coupons should be on the minds of every day spa owner, manager, or employee in Texas right now! Mobile coupons are your key to bring in new business and to keep it coming in. The economy is bad, and people are cutting out luxuries like spa visits, but with mobile coupons you’re going to be giving them a reason to splurge a little.

Mobile coupons remind your clients why they should come to you; everyone needs a break, and everyone wants to save money. You have the power to make your day spa succeed, and we can help you find out how!

Mobile marketing has become a huge part of every business’s marketing campaign in the current year. Mobile marketing has boomed by 75% in the last year alone, and it is continuing to climb. You don’t think mobile marketing is right for you and your business?

Here’s a list of a few business types who thought it was a good idea for them.

  • Restaurants
  • Salon and Spas
  • Retail stores
  • Dentist offices
  • Hospitals

Still have doubts? You don’t need to. With mobile marketing companies such as Trumpia, you have the ability to try mobile marketing before purchasing mobile marketing software. You’re going to have access to all of the mobile marketing services offered by Trumpia during your free trial, including their exceptional customer service agents who are able to walk you through every facet of the marketing campaign. With Trumpia you’re going to develop your mobile website, design a mobile app, and set up mobile coupons.

Mobile Coupon SMS Marketing Trial Free

You’re about to go viral and your day spa will notice the difference immediately.  You can also use our Trumpia Promo Code to get a discount on your free trial.

Through mobile marketing companies, you’re also going to have access to bulk message marketing which will allow you to send out bulk text messages to everyone in your contact list inviting them in to your day spa for specials or events. Because this form of advertisement is so much cheaper than television or radio advertisements, you’re going to be able to change your mind and your strategy as many times as you want, until you’ve found the mobile marketing strategy that works the best for you and your day spa.

Mobile coupons are going to be your greatest asset. In 2012 and beyond, everyone is looking to save some money and with mobile coupons, you’re able to designate specific coupons to specific clients. If you have special VIP clients who bring in a new person every time they come, you want to reward them for their loyalty. A mobile coupon send directly to their cell phone will do that.

A mobile website will also allow you a lot more freedoms than you realize. Mobile websites allow potential clients to search you from the palm of their hands and read all of your information, book an appointment, or even buy a gift card for a friend.

You can start a points program where your clients can log online to see how many points they have or how many they need to get something special. You can then allow them to build points to purchase gift certificates or get free visits for them; your options are endless!

Spa Mobile Website Builder

If you are not currently using mobile coupons, mobile marketing, and a mobile website, you need to go and search the benefits now. You can begin tomorrow and start your future that fast. Stand up to the bad economy and move forward with the rest of the world.

Go now and see how they can help you and your day spa!


Mobile Marketing in Houston is taking off in popularity.  All spa’s and salons need to look into mobile marketing strategies like:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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Joe Payne December 31, 2012 at 6:26 am

Wonderful idea! I would definitely go for a mobile coupons for all our loyal customers.The free trial provided by mobile marketing companies would definitely help me in evaluating different things .Well,this article has definitely given me a great direction for my business for the path forward.Thank you very much!

Michael Armstrong December 31, 2012 at 2:58 pm

The free trials are really helpful. For businesses interested in launching a mobile coupon strategy I always recommend Trumpia. Check them out.