Church Marketing is Going Mobile

Church Marketing AppsChurch mobile apps can help churches communicate better with their parishioners, find more faithful, preach the word of God and obtain more donations.

A recent survey by showed that there are a variety of features that church leaders and members feel are very important for a church mobile app to have. s survey showed that people want a mobile app that will do everything a church website can do. An app is considered easier to use because once the app is downloaded, with one tap of a finger people can open the app and begin gaining whatever information they are looking for. Continue Reading

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Give your Restaurant Marketing Plan a Boost with Text Message Marketing

restaurant marketingYou’re a restaurant owner, so you know how important it is to foster a loyal fan base for your establishment. If used properly, these bulk sms marketing strategies for restaurants will help get the word out about your eatery.

Other Restaurant Marketing Avenues

It’s been established that you want to grow your sms marketing list, but you need to know how to get customers willing to sign up. You could get the word out about your sms mobile marketing list via advertisements on local television and radio. This niche marketing plan is good for restaurants that have more money in their budget than the average local eatery. Continue Reading

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Restaurants are using QR Codes – Whats your QR Code Plan

QR Code Marketing for RestaurantsYou’ve seen these black and white symbols everywhere-television, signs, maybe even t-shirts. Now you can learn how to turn those funny little symbols into more customers. QR Codes-What Are They, Exactly?

QR codes are those black and white symbols with about three or four square boxes nestled within them. In the past several years, QR codes have been used in many successful niche marketing strategies. Some of the restaurants that have used QR codes in their sms marketing plans are Applebee’s, Chili’s and Outback Steakhouse.

A lot of information is contained within those tiny black and white squares. Continue Reading

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Spa’s and Salons Need Mobile Marketing

Spa Marketing Salon MarketingMobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds in all business niches. Spas and salons are using a specific “mobile marketing for salons” strategy to increase business, fill open appointments and reduce cancellations. From mobile websites to mobile apps and text message marketing, mobile marketing for salons can help you reach your clients more effectively.

When people want to schedule a salon or spa visit, more and more people are using their smart phones to use local business search engines to find establishments to patronize. Having mobile websites enables them to find you more easily – and what’s more important – not having a mobile website can be the reason potential customers pass you by in favor of a competitor who is reaching out to them via mobile marketing. Continue Reading

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QR Codes and Retailers

Retail Store QR CodesQR Codes are the new best friend to businesses everywhere including your retail business in Texas. Retail mobile marketing is the fastest way to bring in new business to your shop. Text message marketing for retail stores is the biggest form of advertisement that is out today.

Forget the newspaper ads, the commercials, and the 90 second radio slots; mobile websites, mobile coupons and mobile marketing are where the business is at! You are going to be able to reach more potential clients than ever before, and be able to bring back your old customers easier. Keep your retail store hopping with business and learn the mobile marketing strategy to help you do it. Continue Reading

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