How Bars are Using SMS Marketing Services

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SMS Marketing Services for BarsSMS marketing for bars has become very relevant in larger cities in the United States like Houston, TX.  Through text message marketing you are able to capitalize on the business that might not otherwise know what is going in that particular night, or week, or month. The benefits of SMS marketing are unlimited.

You are able to reach people that have come before and new clients by bulk text messaging. Imagine that, much like bulk email marketing, with bulk text marketing you’re able to reach people in real time, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Bar SMS marketing is going to allow you to advertise for your bar, send out specials to privileged clients only, and even send out coupons! You can make up coupons to bring people in, and use SMS marketing to access those clients!

There possibilities are endless. You can start a newsletter and use SMS marketing to reach your general public and inform them of the upcoming events at your bar and any specials you’re going to be having.

Weeknights tend to be especially slow times for bars, but if you have half priced drinks on Tuesday night, and you send out bulk text messages, you may be able to capture the business that was planning on going somewhere else; especially if you live in a city where that a lot of people travel to on business.

On weeknights you can have contests, even if only one weeknight a month, and that will bring people in. How will your clients find out about these contests? Easy!

With the SMS marketing software you are going to purchase you’ll have access to reach your clients through their cell phones and inform them of all of your great new ideas! You are guaranteed to bring in new clients this way!

SMS marketing companies such as Trumpia and Tatango can walk you through every little detail step by step. You’re going to be able to sign up and use your free trial to see how easy and beneficial these SMS marketing companies can be for your bar!

Trumpia’s free trial comes with great customer service to walk you through any and all of your questions. You are going to be able to work on your SMS marketing strategies to utilize the largest possible market. SMS marketing services are on a growing trend because they really work!

Mobile Marketing Training for Houston Bars and Nightclub Owners

 Your text message marketing campaign is going to lead you to a more successful bar! SMS marketing software is going to allow you to use bulk SMS marketing to reach the multitude to bring in new business. You are going to find more freedoms than you ever will in your television advertisements and radio advertisements. You are going to be able directly connect with real clients, in real time. You will be able to utilize bulk SMS marketing to bring in more business on slow nights and to send out information on promotions to ensure that you have no more slow nights.

Text message marketing for bars is helping thousands of bars capitalize on business that they would never otherwise have captured. You owe it to your bar to do the same.

Don’t waste anymore time or money on advertisements that don’t work. Don’t spend any more nights over your register marking your books with red ink; give your bar the best chance to survive this rocky market and begin your new way of marketing to the public!

Take a look at what all these mobile marketing companies have to offer. You won’t be sorry that you did!



Mobile Marketing in Texas is taking off in popularity.  All bars and nightclubs should start to look into mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Advertising

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Mark Emery December 26, 2012 at 11:32 am

Bars can use text ads to get people the latest specials. Many modern bar hoppers will choose a bar based on these specials they get via text, it’s a good idea.