Church Mobile Apps – Whats your Mobile Strategy?

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Church Marketing is Going Mobile

Church Marketing AppsChurch mobile apps can help churches communicate better with their parishioners, find more faithful, preach the word of God and obtain more donations.

A recent survey by showed that there are a variety of features that church leaders and members feel are very important for a church mobile app to have. s survey showed that people want a mobile app that will do everything a church website can do. An app is considered easier to use because once the app is downloaded, with one tap of a finger people can open the app and begin gaining whatever information they are looking for.

Popular Features for a Church Mobile App

The most popular feature of a church’s mobile application according to church members is the ability to get news and announcements in a timely fashion. For example, whenever a fellow church member has an illness and needs help, or when there has been a death in the church membership, church members appreciate knowing that there is a need and how they can help provide help and comfort to other members of the church.

The next important feature of a mobile app for a church organization is providing church news. For example, whenever there is a church social coming up, the app can be used to inform the members and ask for donations of food, time, or money to assist with the social. If help is needed to help plan the social, or the opinions of the membership are sought as to what type of activities they want to see, the app can be used to both petition for volunteers and poll them for preferences.

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Another important part of a church’s mobile app is a map. People looking for a new church to attend, as well as people who may be new to the area are happy when a map is included in the app, making it easier to find the church.

Many people who use religious apps like to have evangelism tools included in the app. Members who are passionate about sharing their faith with others appreciate tools and helps in an app that give them ideas for how to share their beliefs with their friends and neighbors. Some church mobile apps allow members to link to missionary websites, for easy referral of neighbors and friends who say they are interested in learning more.

Sermon notes are another feature that can be included in a church mobile app. Members who miss a Sunday sermon will appreciate being able to open the app and instantly access notes from that Sunday’s sermon. These notes are also helpful for members who like to reference previous sermons in their personal study time.

One of the most important features of a church’s mobile app for church leaders is the ability to collect donations via mobile. Members want this feature to be safe and secure, and when they feel that the app is a secure means of donating and paying tithes, they are happy with the convenience that mobile donating gives them. Some member like to set up their donations on a schedule, and church leaders like this because it helps them to anticipate some of the money that will be coming in.

Church mobile apps can be a powerful force for good for both church leaders and church members. A big part of any church is communication. Mobile apps let you communicate with existing members and bring in new members in an exciting, technology-savvy way.

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Paul Callington December 23, 2012 at 11:57 am

I can totally relate to this!A few months back, i had a tough time finding a church while i was out of town and wished there was an app for this.It would be interesting if there was an app that allows me to share my faith and spread the message of the Lord.

Hilary Large December 28, 2012 at 1:26 am

The only limitation what these mobile technologies can do seems to be the limitations of creativity that people have on finding the use for these technologies. After seeing the list you have compiled for the features that a Mobile church app could have i am left amazed at how these small devices can do such many stuffs. Nice Post and Happy Holidays.