Android Apps for Golf Courses

by Michael Armstrong

Golf Courses are Creating Android Apps

Golf Course AppsWhy does your golf course need an Android app? There are a few reasons and they all have to do with rising trends in the use of mobile phones. In order to remain relevant, businesses of every variety are being forced to reconsider the way that their business is integrated with the increasingly mobile and social nature of technology.

For golf courses in particular, their are quite a few ways that you can integrate your business into a mobile app that will provided services for your customers and keep your business relevant in an increasingly technical and mobile environment.

What Do Mobile Apps Have To Do With Golfing?

Quite a bit, actually. The golfers who play on your course are using their mobile phones while they play. Why not take advantage of that by developing a mobile app? Companies like Shoutem or freelancers on oDesk can help you build just that type of application for your customer’s Android phones.

A mobile Android application customized for your golf course and the players who frequent it can enhance their playing experience, leading them to come back again and again.

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What Should My Golf Course’s Mobile Android Application Include?

There are a number of ways that golf courses can take advantage of the increasingly sophisticated technology available on Android and other mobile devices. Here are just a few examples of the features that you might want to include:

Weather Conditions – Weather conditions such as wind speed and direction can be included on your mobile app and even specialized to the point that they provide such information on a hole-by-hole basis. Your golfers will appreciate this invaluable information when they are able to adjust their game to variables they would normally only be able to speculate about.

Social Golfing – if golfers want to play, but don’t have any companions, they can use your application to find other golfers of similar skill level and form groups. Rather than staying at home because they don’t want to golf alone, building a social network into your Android application will encourage them to come out and will develop a sense of community that they connect with your course.

Crowd Updates – Some golfers prefer to play at a rapid rate, while others prefer a more laid back pace. If you incorporate notifications about the locations of various groups on the course and their style of play, your golfers can avoid frustration and schedule their tee off so that it doesn’t conflict with others.

Hole Info – Using the GPS technology available in Android mobile devices you can design an app that provides satellite images – maps of each and every hole on your course. Golfers will be able to get a birds eye view of the lay of the land and use it to plan their shots accordingly.

Android Apps for Golf Courses – Technology of the Future

While it is certainly true that these types of applications are not for everyone and more traditional players won’t use the technological advantages they offer. Younger golfers – the future of golf – have grown up in an environment where they are used to using their mobile devices for almost everything.

They will feel completely at home using such mobile Android applications and they will continue to come back knowing that their wants are well provided for.

The rising generation has grown up with games like EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour that give them these exact advantages and they’ll love the inclusion of such features on your course via your Android mobile application.

So, with an eye to the future, take a look at the packages offered at Shoutem or set up a project to be bid on by freelancers at oDesk and take the first steps to enhancing your golfers’ experiences with a customized Android mobile app.


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