Duda MobileThis DudaMobile Review will show business owners how to make a FREE Mobile Website that can get more web traffic, drive revenue and ultimately gain more customers. All of the information from your company website can be converted into a mobile friendly website that looks and functions great. You can get all this for free from DudaMobile.

These days, every business should have a mobile website. In fact, it is somewhat of a necessity in order to survive in today’s digital world. Millions of people rely on their mobile device to do everything from ordering a pizza, browsing dating profiles, or betting on the big game. Continue Reading

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Real Estate SMS MarketingTake your Real Estate Marketing to a New Level

Mobile marketing strategies for real estate agents are marketing strategies which use the growing popularity of mobile devices to reach people on the go in an engaging, interactive way. As mobile usage grows, it is becoming the best way to reach consumers, and the way they prefer to be reached.

Real estate agents have seen challenges in the last few years with the decline in the housing market, so new ways of reaching out to their clients and attracting potential home buyers have become especially important to their survival in the market. Continue Reading

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Best SMS Marketing CompaniesText message marketing has become one of the fastest growing forms of mobile advertising in the world and out text marketing reviews are in!    You are trying to find the best text message marketing companies that are a fit for you and your small business, right?

We understand how overwhelming that can be.   There are so many mobile marketing agencies and the text marketing reviews all appear just a like!   Rest assured that we can help you!

The best mobile marketing companies are Tatango and Trumpia

Tatango and Trumpia are loyal and stand behind their customers 100%.   With these text message marketing companies, you’ll constantly have fantastic customer support agents standing behind you helping you get through the tough times and to ensure that you develop a mobile marketing plan that is going to help you business succeed. Continue Reading

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Most of the six billion mobile phones in the world are not smartphones.  Over the next several years these non-smartphones will be replaced by smartphones. roughly 20% of the phones Mobile Marketing Growthin the world are smartphones.

The United States is on of the mature smartphone markets so most of the growth of smartphones will come from other markets like Brazil and China.

Here are some of the stats and facts about smartphones and the fastest growing technology in history.

  • Approximately 55% of the mobile phones in the United States are smartphones.
  • Singapore, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Australia have at least 79% smartphone penetration.
  • Continue Reading

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Creating a Mobile App doesnt have to be Difficult

Create Mobile apps for Small BusinessesSmall business mobile apps are saving business owners a lot of time and money annually. Some small businesses are increasing their revenue through customer-facing apps, and others are using mobile apps behind the scenes, to increase employee productivity and lessen overhead costs. No matter the use, small business mobile apps are a great way to grow your business.

Mobile apps are becoming an important tool for many small businesses. Part of this is the low cost and ease and gaining entry in the world of mobile apps. Mobile apps have many uses, such as managing sales and inventories and increasing customer engagement. Continue Reading

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